beautiful girl.beautiful mind. mean hustle. mean drive.


I swear you turned the scars in my body into Stars, What
I saw as pain, You made into Art, You held me like I mattered,
Like I was meant to be in your arms. Seems like every man before was destined to be wrong,  it was you I was dreaming of and wishing all along.  
How  are you so familiar to me? Where did we meet? Maybe last lifetime ,locked eyes on the street, or possibly lovers that ended unexpected, so here we are ment to try and ressurrect it.


dani didn’t win

I hate this city
This dry empty city
Bunch of broken promises,
Memories that don’t mean shit 
I remember this air in the summer time
That fucking burgendy carpet
Damn I loved him
What the fuck happend
It used to seem like so much opportunity
Like everything was out here
And now nothing
Just stale air
pain, and regrets.
I hate this city.

then and now

These red bulls sittin in my stomach so ugly
I forgot to eat today I been on the run for this money
I could make a million dollars selling pussy IF it was me, but I don’t want people to think my money is above me
One year later and I’m just looking back, Ive come to far just to turn back. 
I’ve learned what it feels to be open but not crack, head still high, pockets still fat.
From the city of wasted talent, becoming a better woman trying to keep my head balenced. 
Now tell me if you can relate, to a girl who grew up fast pace,out of place, dreams way out in space, they felt unreachable. 
I’m just now learning they’re achievable.








white girls


im so upset bc the accuracy


my mom thought i was watching porn right next to her -.- lol

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